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Sunday, November 02, 2008

NVC's Notorious B.I.G*L

Hi guys!!! So as promised, I will try to keep my blog update with our work as often as I can.

This time, I'll share with you what for Spive and I think is our most impressive work to date.
This custom was made for the Mad Citizens show at Lift Gallery in Detroit.

For this one, we worked on the new 10'' MadL blank platform. Because it's a platform that is much bigger to what we used to work on, well we had to find a way to combine other medium than just sculpting.

So Spive try some ebenistry and wood working in that custom and I think the results are quite impressive. So instead of trying to simulate wood effect well we now use real wood!!!!

So let's go see the pics of our tribute to the one and only Notoriuos B.I.G!!!

Thanks to VP, toysrevil, plastic and plush and formatmag for their post on the project!!!

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