Dr.Bao-NVC Crew

Thursday, May 01, 2008

NVC got the Mad Cow-Boy Disease!!!!

Hi guys... So here is the long long awaited custom of the Moody that some people knew that we're working on it for a while but just never got the chance to finish since we've just been so busy with shows here and there....

But hey it's now done and you can see it!!! By the way....there's some job that you're more happy than other andtis one is one of those that we're very happy of how it ended because this platform is just very very very hard to twist it and I think..........that we made it!!!!!

Thanks and talk to you soon!!! By the way, thanks to Andy from toysrevil and Jack from vinylpulse for their post and comments on this custom!!!

Dr.Bao....NVC CREW......