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Friday, February 01, 2008

NVC's Operation Doomsday!!!

Hi guys!!!! Ok, here's our submission piece for the Get A Gripshow in NYC at My Plastic Heart toy store.... Thanks to Vincent from MPH and Kano for inviting us to the show.... And sorry for all our fans there that we couldn't get down to NYC for the show..... We will be in April for the NYCC!!!!

So....hey we thought that for the NYC crowd....well what's cooler than a MF DOOM Moneygrip!!!!! Yeah....you all know how we like to blend our style with hip hop culture and this one is no exception!!!!

And since we're big fans of MF DOOM....well this project was so cool to do!!!!!!

And....now.....don't you all want us to make a Quasimoto project!!!!!! Hhahahahahah!!!! That would be def be the bomb!!!!!

Before we going to see the pics....I would just like to link you to the interview and a few post that Andy, Brian and Jason put on their website ... Much thanks to you guys for your support to NVC from day one!!!




And now the pics!!!!!


Dr.Bao...NVC CREW....


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