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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hi everyone! NVC big update!!!!

Hi everyone! It's been a while that I didn't update my blog......I was simply too tired sharibng my time with my work as a dentist and producing some pieces for shows...... But hey....good news is that I have plenty of pics for ya!!!!!

So let's start with our submission pieces for the "i Am 8-Bit" show at Gallery 1988 in LA...... This year was the 20th Anniversary of the Megaman franchise so we jump on the occasion to make a tribute to this series that was one of our fav games back in the days....

Also...notice that we incorporated some circuit bending in one of the controler.....so we can produce a sound bomb from the controler and play with the sound!!!!! Idea and conception was from our friend Johnny Ill Digger from the Boom Bap Cats.......

Next project was our Vinyl Fantasy: The Final Element.....for the vinyl elements show....... This show was organized by Jack and Francine from vinylpulse.com and featured the top 50 top toy customizers in the world......So you guys understand that we worked quite hard on that proejct to come ready for the show!!!!! So after almost 3 months of work....here's the results......

You can read the whole story behind this project in the interview that we gave to Andy of toysrevil.blogspot.com

Here's the link: http://toysrevil.blogspot.com/2007/05/nvc-crews-vinyl-fantasy-final-elements.html

Thanks everyone for supporting us....and enjoy the pics......


  • Hi Bao,

    hope you remember me, my grielfriend and I met you at your office last Thursday.

    The Vinyl Fantasy is amazing. The detail in the fire of the head is really nice.

    Thanks again for taking the time to talk to us about the stuff you do with your partner. It really shows that you like what you do.

    By Blogger Weirdguy, at 7:06 PM  

  • Hey!Glad to see that you came to my blog to take a look at our Vinyl Fantasy project... Of course it was a pleasure for me to share my love of custom vinyl toys with both of you. Come once in a while to see our new projects....because there will be some new cool things coming up for us!

    Send me an email so I can have your email address....Will keep you informed for our show in Montreal when dates will be conformed!

    Thanks again!


    By Blogger Dr.Bao-NVC crew, at 7:22 AM  

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