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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Our last project of the year...NVC's Afro Samurai Dunny!!

Hi everyone!!! It's already the end of the year....and to finish 2006.... We decided to make a tribute to this super animation serie that will start on January 4 th on Spike TV.......It's called Afro Samurai and it will feature Samuel L. Jackson and soudtrack will be done by the one and only RZA from the Wu Tang.....
With this introduction, you probably know why we decided to make a project on this animation....It simply has all the elements that we're digging..... A mix of martial arts and hip hop........

So we make this custom with a 2'' Dunny.....and then we created and build up all the set-up and diaporama for the background....So everything is handmade and handpainted......

Needless to say more....Let's see the pics!!! By the way...thanks for Genevieve Sasseville for some of the pics. We would also like to thank to my good friend Kers for his magic touch on the smoke of the Afro Samurai!!!

Would like to thanks a few people that make a post on our Afro Samurai project:

Jack and Francine from vinylpulse.com
Brian from plasticandplush.com
Tang from kitoy.fr
Kirkland from toybot studios

Thanks to all of you who supports us and happy new year!!!!

Dr.Bao.....NVC crew......


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