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Monday, December 04, 2006

Hi everybody!! It's been a while that I did not update my blog... We've been so busy with many projects that we haven't time to post some of our new works.....But hey...here's the treat now......there will be plenty of new stuff for you to check!!!!

Let's start with a project that we did for the We're All Mad Here show in Los Angeles....It was a tribute show for the Cheschire cat from Walt Disney.....Since we have to do a cat for the show, we just decide to do something related to our friend's hip hop music called The Boom Bap Cats!!!! So it was a kind of tribute for their excellent work.
So we've created a kind of hip hop cat that carries a grammophone on his back. We decided to transform his tail into the horn of the grammophone too.
To push our concept further, we decided to incorporate some real speakers into the belly of the cat so people can really put the plug into their computer, cd or mp3 player and can hear their music!!!

We would like to thanks Francine and Jack from from vinylpulse.com for thes article on our Cheschire Cat custom. There's also Brian form plasticandplush.com and Kirkland from toybotstudios


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