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Saturday, July 29, 2006

NVC's The Bronze Migration

So hey here's our latest custom... We just received our winning prizes for the Kid Robot Film Festival....and inside the box, there were those Zipperpull Munny!!!! They are so cute but so freaky small!!!! 1'' tall.....The size of an American quarter!!!
So we just challenge ourself to reproduce Nakamura on a request of a KR forum member that followed our work for a while.... We also found in our vinyl toy store a mini Smorkin' Labbit and a Mongers Bob.... They fit perfectly well with the Zipperpull since they are on the same scale.

As for the tittle and concept of this project, we we're inspired by Bronze Nazareth's album The Great Migration.
We also thought that the cd cover of the French group IAM would fit perfectly for this project and we just asked our sound engineer Johnny Ill Digger from Boom Bap Cats to redo the cover a la NVC style... Thanks Johnny!

You can read the article of this project on vinylpulse.com and plasticandplush.com too. Thanks Francine fromVP and Brian from plasticandplush.com for your support.

So that's all and hope you enjoy the pics!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

NVC meets Wu Tang Clan!!!

Here's the pics of our first 2 samples of the upcoming project "Shaolin vs Wu Tang" The concept was simple. Since we like to do asian theme characters and that we're fans of the Wu Tang Clan. We simply thought to bring the Wu in the warriors forms and redo the Shaolin vs Wu Tang theme!

The project was well received by the toy community as you can read on these posts by vinlypulse.com, lifeinabungalo.com, plasticandplush.com and vinylabuse.com.
Thank you Francine, George, Brian and UnsungZero for these posts. Your support is very apreciated!

So....enjoy the pics and don't hesitate to put your comments.