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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Geiko Myori Lost in the Disenchanted World!

Here's our latest custom...It's called "Geiko Myori Lost in the Disenchanted World". Basically the idea behind this custom was to reproduce the kind of paintings I was doing on my smashed cans but in 3D world. The geisha is made from a 3'' Dunny that I cut the ears.

We want to create a background for the geisha to reproduce the kind of mood in my paintings....so we choose to create an universe where all the colors are shift and look unreal....At the same time we want to put a lttle touch of drakness in it....that whhy we made the root from the tree to become a hand that want to grab the geisha.

You can read more on Geiko Myori on vinylpulse.com and vinylabuse.com
Thanks to Francine from vinylpulse.com and Sichi from vinylabuse.com for their support.

Enjoy the pics!


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