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Friday, April 28, 2006

So here's our latest custom....Shi Yan Cung the soulless and possessed warrior.....!!! It is made from a 3'' Dunny that we cut off the ears, so now it's like a 2'' Dunny!!! We want to create a kind of "peasant-warrior" that look soulless but at the same time cute......Cuteness was something that we still want to keep in the character...I think that the way we play with the colors and the shape of the eyes make the effect that we want to realize.

Because we want to give our character more personnality and put him in a storyline, we decide to sculpt from scratch a mount of bones and skulls!!!! Everything is hand scuplted... We even try to give each skulls face an unique expression!!!!

So hope that you enjoy the pics and give us some feedbacks...it's always a pleasure to read them!!!!

You can read more on vinylpulse.com
Thanks to Francine and Jack from vinylpulse.com for supporting us. You are just the web site reference in the toy industry world!!!




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